Something is Wrong With Miley and Justin


Troublesome stars in the music industry.

What is happening to the younger generation of musicians and pop stars these days? Has fame and fortune damaged their brains? Why did Miley Cyrus went through such change – not just with her image but also with her attitude and style? Why did Justin Bieber became an arrogant and spiteful punk? I just can’t understand what happened with them – 2 promising young singers who have been looked up by many kids and teens.

Image change? Work pressure? Wrong peers? Bad influence? WHO KNOWS! All I know is that they have only tarnished their reputations and gradually destroyed themselves with the way they are acting now. Whose to blame? For me, I blame themselves. There are many young stars who had their share of fame and fortune and many of them didn’t end up becoming rotten eggs. Yes, there are some who have made mistakes but at least they have recovered and decide to be better. But what Miley and Justing are doing today are not making themselves better. Instead, they are getting worse and worse for each thing that they do.

I hope someone would slap them in their face and remind them who they were before they became famous.

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