What to Do When Receiving a Negative Review

We all know that if the product or service doesn’t live up to the customer’s expectation, the customer would surely become upset. If the customer is upset, they would spread the word by writing a negative review. Sooner or later, the world will know how horrible things went for the customer.

For any businessman, this wouldn’t be good thing. Being at the receiving end of a negative review would deliver a huge blow to a businessman’s ego. And when one’s ego is hurt, it is easy to react harshly and make even bigger mistakes.

When receiving a negative review, it is better to save face and respond in a positive way. Instead of taking the reviews personally and become defensive, just remain calm and collected. Use this as an opportunity to improve the product and service.

Always respond to a negative review but do this after you have calmed down. When responding, do it in a respectful and grateful manner. Treat the consumer properly and be grateful for their feedback. Show everyone that you have heard the complaint and that you are willing to make things right.

When getting a negative review or complaint, don’t deny it. Don’t shift the blame elsewhere. Acknowledge the complaint and take responsibility. Taking responsibility might convert the unhappy customer to a happy one.

When responding to a complaint, do it publicly. Responding publicly will help earn back the trust of other customers. If other people see how you publicly tried to resolve the complaint, they would find your business acceptable and trustworthy.

So if your business is receiving negative online reviews for businesses or comment online, don’t be mad. In fact, you should be thankful instead. Use this as an opportunity to learn. Respond in a nice way and use this as an opportunity to improve.

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