What does music mean to Me

I’ve been thinking what music really means to me. And surprisingly I found out that music has played several roles in my life. 
Music has become one important part in my day to day life. It has become a way to relate myself into this physical world. It makes think more about how music relates not just to my life but also to the life of others.

Music is my way to express myself and my feelings. It is something that I use for expression whenever and wherever. Music helps me express the feelings that I find difficult to express. As a way of expression, music helps me relate with other people.
Music is the one that keeps me company when I am alone and troubled. It always gives me something to think about and do. It relieves my stress. It calms me down and relaxes me, especially on a bad day. On good days, music helps me enjoy it. Music inspires me. It wakes me and keeps me going. It makes my day awesome and legendary.

Music brings freedom. Music is everything. It connects you to real world and at the same time help you escape reality. It makes me let go of inhibitions. Music brightens everything. It speaks to me. Music connects me to life and to other people. It makes me see the vivid colors in this world and the expressions of other people. It is my eyes to the world unseen and allows me to hear things I know nothing about.

Music is more than entertainment to me. It is not just a source of inspiration. It is not just my identity. It is not just my world. Music is my friend. My brother. My sister. My family. Music to me is a part of my life that is difficult to part with.

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