Losing Faith in Humanity

My faith in humanity is lost and I don’t think I can recover it.

As we have all know or most of us or maybe those people who watch TV and read the news, Zayn Malik (a.k.a THE HEARTBREAKER) left One Direction – the most popular and most loved boy band today or so they say because I don’t love them at all. Anyways, I consider him a HEARTBREAKER because leaving his group caused a stir, especially to the band’s huge, huge fan base.

A lot of women and even some men wept when it was announced that Zayn Malik was forever leaving One Direction. Big deal! A lot of people retire showbiz all the time.  Zayn Malik isn’t the first one to leave the glitz and glamour.

Unfortunately, many cannot accept this. A lot of sociopathic fans have showed their dislike for his decision by going through extreme acts – some are violent and some are plain stupid.

Twitter post of a teen who attempted suicide.

Twitter post of a teen who attempted suicide.

If you check the social media, you would see girls and strangely enough some guys posting pics of them weeping just because Zayn left the band. If you think that’s bad, then wait till you see the extreme ones. There are girls who would slash their own arms and wrists or drink pills in protests of Zayn’s decision. There’s another girl who killed her own dog, decapitated it and posted the gruesome image on Twitter. Again, this was in protest of Zayn leaving the band. The worst ones are girls who ended their lives just because Zayn is One D no more.

You would be amazed at how anile and stupid these fans are. If I were Zayn, I’d hide because some of these fans might do something more drastic than such acts. Who knows, we might hear news of Zayn being kidnapped by a crazy fan.

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