I Hate Pests

I hate pests. Mice, rats, ants, termites, cockroaches or any sort of pest, I hate them and this is not a strange thing at all. I hate pests because they are dirty. They are filthy looking cretins that feed on decaying matter, garbage and sometimes even poop!!! They live in a filthy environment like sewers, under the kitchen sink, garage, basement and garbage dumpsters. And because their nature is very dirty they bring with them germs that may cause a wide array of sicknesses like dysentery, cholera and leptospirosis, which may put you or your family in the hospital or worse end up lying 6 feet under the ground. This makes me hate them even more.

The fact that these pests can also cause damage to your home or property makes me hate them down right to my bones. Because of termites, I lost my collection of pocket books, which took me several years to collect and a lot of money. Because of mice, my favorite shoe was damaged and cost me money to repair it. And that was with just my case. Other people have lost even more important things and had to spend hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars in order to fix the damages.

Because I hate pests, I would immediately call pest control Bellflower if ever I see any sign signifying my place is being overrun by pests. I don’t want the situation to become worse because things going worse would mean serious problem that would harm my finances.

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