Difference Between Termites and Carpenter Ants

Indeed, both carpenter ants and termites share the same fondness in damaging wood and causing structural damage to our homes. Both are also considered pests and are a real threat to each homeowner – leading to billions of dollars in damages each and every year. Most of all both carpenter ants and termites are social insects that live in a colony and are not easy to get rid of.

Though termites and carpenter ants share a lot of similarities, they also have a lot of differences. The carpenter ants are usually brown to black in color. While termites white, yellowish or sometimes light brown in color. Thus, it would be easy to know which one is which. Even my little nephew can easily distinguish the differences between both insects just by their color.

Both insects make tunnels but their tunneling habits are different. Carpenter ants have invisible tunnels. The only sign of a carpenter ant tunnel is a hole in the wood with piles of sawdust at the end. On the other hand, termites have visible tunnels and are often made out of mud. Unlike termites that eat and digest wood, carpenter ants would just carve out wood, which is why they leave piles of sawdust at the end of their tunnel.

Whether its carpenter ants infestation or termite infestation, you don’t have to take on this problem on your own. Both infestations are difficult to deal with and treating them without professional help or guidance could lead to disaster. My friend tried handling a large termite infestation on his own and in backfired on him forcing him to call termite pest control Torrance to mop up his mistake and handle the termites.

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