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Losing Faith in Humanity

My faith in humanity is lost and I don’t think I can recover it. As we have all know or most of us or maybe those people who watch TV and read the news, Zayn Malik (a.k.a THE HEARTBREAKER) left One Direction – the most popular and most loved boy band today or so they

The Bitterness and Desperation of Being Single

You are indeed stunning. You are smart. You’ve got a good profession. Quite simply you are perfect. But why are you lonely this Valentine’s day? Of all of the male friends you’ve got, why no one made the effort to update your relationship status? Have you been cursed? Did the heavens have something to do

My Favorite Christmas Song

What’s your favorite Christmas carol/song? Mine? Well, it would be “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.” I don’t know why it became my favorite Christmas carol/song but maybe because the lyrics and tune is catchy. Or maybe it became my favorite because of the memorable and funny experiences I had with this song. I was

Benefits of Music

Music is one of the many things that most people love. Music is found in any culture and comes in various genres. Surprisingly, listening to music brings benefits and positive effects that most of us never knew. Music is an effective pain reliever. Listening to music can reduce the sensation and the distress caused by

Something is Wrong With Miley and Justin

What is happening to the younger generation of musicians and pop stars these days? Has fame and fortune damaged their brains? Why did Miley Cyrus went through such change – not just with her image but also with her attitude and style? Why did Justin Bieber became an arrogant and spiteful punk? I just can’t

What does music mean to Me

I’ve been thinking what music really means to me. And surprisingly I found out that music has played several roles in my life.  Music has become one important part in my day to day life. It has become a way to relate myself into this physical world. It makes think more about how music relates