The Bitterness and Desperation of Being Single

You are indeed stunning. You are smart. You’ve got a good profession. Quite simply you are perfect. But why are you lonely this Valentine’s day? Of all of the male friends you’ve got, why no one made the effort to update your relationship status? Have you been cursed? Did the heavens have something to do with this? Or possibly, you are single and available because of some other reason.

220ASPQB683-417You are single simply because you’re bitter. You could have even stated not requiring men. You are using this kind of declaration as you want to cover up your pain. Being heart broken is normal and many people have to gone through it at least once in their life. You’ve been in pain that you have crossed out men, but don’t forget not all guys are out there to make you suffer. Let go of your agony and start dating once again.

Possibly you’re just too desperate. On your first date, you ask the man how many children he would like if he marries you. Truth to be told, all guys would not bother thinking about marriage and also having kids on the first date. So what if you’re the only single left amongst your pals? So what if your brothers, sisters and cousins have their own families. Keep calm. Men don’t want desperate women. Men would quickly flee at the signs of a desperate woman. This will make you single again.

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