Benefits of Music

holding-headphones-listening-to-music-3Music is one of the many things that most people love. Music is found in any culture and comes in various genres. Surprisingly, listening to music brings benefits and positive effects that most of us never knew.

Music is an effective pain reliever. Listening to music can reduce the sensation and the distress caused by pain. It causes the brain to release endorphin our natural pain reliever. Moreover, it relaxes us distracting us from the pain. Music is good for the heart. Listening to music can significantly lower blood pressure and improve the heart rate.

Daily dose of jazz, classical music or pop melodies can speed up post-stroke recovery. It improves verbal memory and also attention span. It helps against chronic headaches and migraine. Listening to certain music can create profound and positive emotional experience that can lead to the secretion of hormones that can boost the immune system. It would also reduce stress-related hormones like cortisol.

Music can enhance one’s learning and boosts IQ. It improves once memory performance and improves the brains capacity to process information. Constant listening to your favorite music will improve the duration and the intensity of your concentration.  Above all, music improves body coordination and movement.

So who says, music is nothing but for the purpose of pleasure and enjoyment only.


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